This Will Apparently Never End

Polly Morgan… a trained taxidermist, who creates fantastical, surreal and darkly humorous sculptures out of creatures she finds dead from accidental or natural causes.  …First spotted by street art prankster Banksy in 2005, Morgan has famous fans in Kate Moss and Courtney Love, but it’s taken until now for her to mount her first solo show at Haunch of Venison, London, entitled Psychopomps and opening July 21. 

Granting for the moment that Taxidermy and Diorama are, at their extreme best, no better than Craft projects, was no other person on the planet forced to sit through all two-to-twelve hours of Tedium that was the Paul Rudd, Steve Carell film Dinner for Schmucks? While Sleep blessedly overtook Your Correspondent not many minutes into this alleged comedic farce, was not the very, very long Title Sequence filled with exactly the sort of Kitsch that Polly Morgan is trying to pass off as Art, only with dead mice instead of dead birds? And weren’t even the essentially braindead people that made and/or possibly enjoyed this film in even their braindead way aware that this sort of Taxidermy gathers whatever intrigue it might hold strictly from its Creepiness factor, and not from any actual Artistic Merit?

Oh, look, a Whimsical Still from that film has been found:

And even worse, were you to follow this Image Search for “mouse taxidermy” you will find all sorts of Amateur Artists doing inconceivably disgusting things with dead rodents. If only Banksy would find them, too!



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