How to Make a Perfect Black Truffle Pizzapie

This is extremely easy, since virtually any pizzapie made with black truffles is going to be wonderful. This particular instance uses pineapple and green peppers, which proves the point, since pineapple and green peppers don’t really belong on anything. Using black truffle pâté on the crust, extremely generous amounts of finely chopped onions, and then the aforementioned fruity-bits with grated Parmesan, oregano, and crushed red pepper on top, finally add your black truffle slices where everyone can see them.

Do not listen to Fools who will suggest that pizzapies need to be cooked as fast and as hot as possible. This is the talk of a Cabdriver, not an Artisan, serious about their Craft. Somewhere around 27 minutes at 425F will do well in creating a pizzapie complex and rich in flavors and textures.

The vegetarian mixture of onions, peppers, pineapple, red pepper and black truffle, although unlikely, is extraordinary vibrant and fulfilling. Try it at once.




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