Situation in North Korea Worse than Anyone Can Imagine…

North Korea campaigned for Eric Clapton performance, cable reveals

(CNN) — One of the diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks reveals that North Korean officials suggested the U.S. government make arrangements for rock icon Eric Clapton to perform in Pyongyang as a way of building “good will” between the countries.

Somehow, things always seem to be getting worse for the North Korean people.

*     *     *

This brings up the rather unfortunate incident wherein Your Author was asked to partake of a game of Trivial Pursuit, a pastime for which he holds no natural affection. Your Author, being something of a Known Font of Information, proceeded to gather up the little cheeses in a blessedly brief timespan, and was one question away from the dubious pleasure of Taking the Title of this Tournament of Tedium.

This Final Question asked: “What bluesman won such-and-such an award in such-and-such a year,” and Your Faithful and Diligent Correspondent, well-versed as he is in American rock-and-roll history, was unable to come up with any response at all. When the “answer” was revealed to be none other than “Eric Clapton” you may well imagine the Furor which arose, as “Eric Clapton” is no more accurately described as a “bluesman” than he is “hoodoo priestess” or “replica Hupmobile.”

The gameboard now flipped over, the offending card torn to shreds, and whatever Goodwill previously established through alternating recitation of Pop Culture destroyed, the Group Home has not asked for donations of Time or Money since this event.


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