An Online Intelligence Test for the Artistically Retarded

Were you worried that the $70 you stole from your aunt’s purse was just going to be wasted on enough cough syrup to get you through Friday, when you can probably use the Holiday Thrall to shoplift enough cold medicine to cook up some crank? Here’s a better idea:

Why not spend all $70 of those dollars to buy a crappy tee-shirt of one of Damien Hirst’s crappy Pill Cabinet things? It’s like you’re in 1988 all over again, except in 1988 no one would have believed that spending ridiculous amounts of money for utter shit was the New Irony.

Of course you could steal $4,500 in order to purchase “two pills in a box”, which, unless they are RuHypnol, will never, ever get you laid.

Interestingly, perhaps the greatest Artistic Value that can be attached to these items for sale at Mr Hirst’s online gift shop is that they are absolutely guaranteed never to have never been touched– or even seen– by Damien Hirst.


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