How a Love of Science Fiction Inevitably Leads to Defending Torture

Were you aware that Washington Post op-ed columnist Marc Thiessen is a vile human being? Likely you were, since he wrote a whole book (filled with easily-disproved falsehoods) defending the Bush Administration’s use of torture. And did you also know that he was a talentless, awful writer, bereft of any thought beyond his immediate propaganda goal? Of course you were, as the opening sentence of this paragraph informs you that he appears as a columnist on the op-ed pages of the Washington Post.

But did you fully realize that his disgusting views and serial misinformation were not the result of, say, Krauthammer or Cheney-esque evil calculation and deception, but as a result of his being less intelligent than the albino manatee he resembles?


…[I]f you read one thing, read Marc Thiessen’s fresh item at the Washington Post. It’s not the fact that he’s vigorously opposed to Wikileaks that’s interesting, but rather his understanding of the technology at the heart of this entire saga:

Some say attacking WikiLeaks would be fruitless. Really? In the past year, the Iranian nuclear system has been crippled by a computer worm called “Stuxnet,” which has attacked Iran’s industrial systems and the personal computers of Iranian nuclear scientists. To this day, no one has traced the origin of the worm. Imagine the impact on WikiLeaks’s ability to distribute additional classified information if its systems were suddenly and mysteriously infected by a worm that would fry the computer of anyone who downloaded the documents. WikiLeaks would probably have very few future visitors to its Web site.

Wikipedia: Thiessen “spent six years (1995–2001) on Capitol Hill as spokesman and senior policy advisor to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms (R-NC).[3] He joined the Bush administration as Chief Speechwriter for Donald Rumsfeld in 2001, then moved to Bush’s speechwriting team in 2004.[3]

Isn’t it incredible that in all of that time working in government Marc Thiessen learned everything he knows about computers, and computer security, from watching bad movies aimed at teenage audiences? The Washington Post‘s email system must be operating on some sort of military-grade encryption system, for poor Marc to even feel safe opening his Daily Candy updates– what if his computer got fried??

Does it bring you comfort to know that simpleminded, obviously stupid policies are defended by simpleminded, obviously stupid people? Wouldn’t a conspiracy somehow be more life-affirming?


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