An Encomium for

Last night whilst joyriding the new Chrome 8 release a small difficulty occurred while on the Posterous website from which these Songs of Praise are composed and submitted. Your Author took unusually decisive and direct action and vaguely noted this problem in the Send Feedback field of the site. 

Unexpectedly, this plaint was met in less than two minutes with not only an email response, but a resolution. Even more Joyously, this reply, while brief, was not only grammatical and punctuated, but contained a proper greeting and closing. Short of a Kiss on the Forehead and a Cookie, this is the sort of Customer Service dreams are made of– and to a non-paying customer, at that.

As those who have followed the Gentle Progress of this E.D. (not Erectile Dysfunction, but, instead, Endeavor Dilaceratus) have seen, a number of web services have been tried, found wanting, and then discarded. Moving to Posterous last week has been the cause of much relief: the site is stable, feature-rich, and reliable. Congratulations to the proprietors.

(Somewhat awkwardly, it is admitted that an Appreciation such as this should really have been written immediately following the Service Rendered; however, the Google Image search for a Photo to accompany this rosette was inadvertently entered as Posterior, rather than Posterous, and some Distraction occurred.) 


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