Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten the Dust…


The creation of classic album London Calling by punk band The Clash is to form the basis of a new music biopic.

Former Clash members Paul Simonon and Mick Jones will executive produce the film, named after the 1979 record.


Didn’t Dick Clark already produce this terrible movie for ABC back in 1979? It was called Birth of the Beatles, and featured four lads in leather jackets mumbling to each other and kicking their boots against the curb shyly. Similarities between the film’s portrayal of The Beatles and The Clash were entirely the result of shameless pandering.

And then there was Rude Boy (1980), the film The Clash spent years making, without ever apparently asking themselves even once to think of a reason why they were making it. It makes Birth of the Beatles look like Visconti’s The Leopard.

Just in case you were thinking an older, more mature Mick Jones might be a little bit better than Dick Clark, no.

He’s your drunken uncle who used to be in a band, and insists on ruining Christmas.


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