Global Warming Is Like War Crimes; If You Don’t Think About It, It Doesn’t Exist…

In a clear sign of the regressive policies to be pursued by our soon to arrive GOP controlled Congress, the Republican leadership of tomorrow has announced that the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming is to be disbanded.

Beginning with the arrival of the next Congress, the committee will exist no longer. Over. Kaput.

While the death of the committee is designed to remove the issue of global warming from the national agenda – which is not particularly surprising given the extreme position the GOP leadership has always taken on the topic – would it not have been reasonable to, at the least, retain the committee to innovate and protect the important national interest in gaining energy independence? Wouldn’t you think that becoming less reliant on countries that would just as soon see us dead might possibly be in the national interest?

Nonsense– so long as the American oil industry gets its candy, it’s delighted to share the spoils with Chavez and autocratic, terrorist funding, repressive states.

(Like Canada and Norway? No.)


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