Someone Please Tell Sean Penn About the Health Care in Cuba

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by the spirochete Leptospira (a bacteria similar to the kind that causes syphilis) that is carried by rats and other rodents. The disease resulting from infection by this bacteria can result in complications that include meningitis, extreme fatigue, hearing loss, respiratory distress, azotemia, renal failure, and often liver failure. In general the spirochete is transmitted in the urine of infected animals, most commonly rats, mice, and moles…

Cuba has Leptospirosis. And they spent money trying to protect against it using Homeopathy:

…it would have cost $3 million to produce enough real vaccines to immunize the population, which, it occurs to me, would be pretty damned cheap–only around $1 per person! The homeopathic “nosodes” cost a mere $200,000, which should not be surprising, given that it’s nothing but water. In any case, it sounds to me as though the Cuban government cheaped out, pulled a Mao, so to speak. Yo[u] may remember that in the 1960s, Mao, seeing that he didn’t have the resources to provide science-based medical care to his people, unleashed his “barefoot doctor” campaign, providing cheap traditional Chines[e] medicine to the masses, rather than science-based medicine. It looks to me as though Cuba just did the same thing with homeopathy.


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