Lalala, We’re Not Listening…


The UK was complicit in the torture of the first al-Qaeda member to be convicted in the country of directing terrorism, a court has heard.



Rangzieb Ahmed, 34, was unlawfully held in Pakistan, beaten and had fingernails removed, a QC told the Court of Appeal.


This is probably Wikileaks fault.

Mr Bennathan told the court his client was held unlawfully for more than a year, during which time he was beaten with sticks and cables and had three fingernails pulled out with pliers.

The court heard how the CIA was present at his arrest and how British intelligence officials questioned Ahmed, formerly of Rochdale, during the period of his alleged mistreatment. 

Luckily, this will never be a problem in the United States, since, a.) we don’t torture, and, b.) we don’t have trials.





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