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(Comedy Gold.) http://htxt.it/RwMf … More picking on Ben Goldacre’s sense of humor (for some reason or another.) He writes: “am i the only person who “hilariously” pronounces “aubergine” to rhyme with ‘vagina’?” …In (also non-hilarious) reply, the OED gives the etymology of Aubergine as “Fr., dim. of auberge, variant of alberge ‘a kind of peach’” and of course Urban Dictionary will immediately give us http://htxt.it/WGIW so the connection is made… (Two point for Dilaceratus!)… What is perhaps hilarious, however, is the mental conflation of a fruit with the physical characteristics of the attached picture with those of the female genitalia. From a psychiatrist http://htxt.it/miLY no less!


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